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Applications are now open for September 2024. Please contact us for more details. 


Stage 1 Craft Certificate

During this stage students will develop their practical skills, gaining knowledge and experience in the manipulation of a variety of materials and processes, within the context of a series of individual set exercises and/or assessment projects. 


Students will acquire an understanding of upholstery fabrics and textiles and should be encouraged to develop, where appropriate, their own creative responses to the assessment projects.


The students will receive workshop inductions, practical demonstrations and teaching in the use and application of core materials and techniques, both modern and traditional, including instruction on:


  • Health & Safety: when working with tools and equipment in a workshop environment

  • Appropriate use of tools and equipment, both hand and machine

  • Understanding of Domestic and Industrial Sewing machines

  • Appropriate use of Fillings & Sundry Materials

  • Appropriate use of techniques and processes including Knots, Blind, Top and Slipstitching

  • Cutting, Pattern Matching and Finishing of Fabrics

  • Sewing a piped and zipped scatter cushion

  • Sewing seams and decorative techniques

  • Trims and Decorative detailing

  • Awareness of frame repairs and polishing

  • Costing Materials

  • Evaluation Methods

Highlighted pieces will be assessed as part of the final mark/grade


  • Drop-in seat (both modern and traditional methods)

  • Stitched and stuffed footstool or chair (both modern and traditional methods)

  • Sprung dining chair (traditional materials and methods including fabric and bottoming cloth)

  • Sprung arm exercise for an inset facing

  • Box Cushion with piping and zip (sample)

  • Bolster End with piping (sample)

  • Modern upholstered & lined box with a deep-buttoned lid

  • Scatter Cushion with piping and zip. 

  • Note: Either the Box or the Scatter Cushion to include some form of decorative detail/fabric manipulation

  • Portfolio containing notes and details of work in progress

  • Written Research Project Fabric Characteristics, Identification & Appropriate Usage

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